This is the last wreath 'drop' of the year, December 1st 7pm! I'll be honest - I'm not sure when the next wreath drop may be, I'm thinking maybe April? So here's your last chance for a little while team! Please note, I no longer take on custom wreaths. Doing 'wreath drops' has meant I still have creative freedom to play with new ideas and you also see what you're paying for instantly, everyone wins! 

How long do they last?

Basically forever, they may slowly age over time but this will be hardly noticeable.

Can you courier wreaths? 

I'm going to do shipping the same as the last drop - as you search through the wreaths you will notice some are able to be shipped while others are a little too large and delicate to be couriered. If you have chosen to have your item couriered please be patient, I will do my best to get each wreath packaged and couriered to you as soon as poss! With regards to shipping prices; Once you have purchased your wreath I will then package the goods and get a quote for shipping, I'll let you know this asap, goods will be sent once payment has been received- I haven't been able to do a standard shipping fee as they are all different sizes and shapes so pricing with vary, thank you in advance for understanding!

If a wreath has sold that I wanted can you recreate this for me? Unfortunately each wreath is a one of a kind piece.

Where can I collect my wreath from?

I am parked up usually Tuesday to Friday 9-5 opposite the town hall in Cambridge. Please let me know what date and time you plan to collect. Please note the truck is closed Thursday 5th & Friday 6th for wedding prep.

How do I care for my wreath?

They're pretty happy hung in a dry area out of direct sunlight. Easy easy.