Ok Team, strange times ahead and there's flowers to be enjoyed so here we have it - the 'Lock Down' Collection. A bunch of pretties at affordable prices to help add some positive energy to your space while we isolate over the next few weeks. Something to spark joy while supporting your local flower gal - win win am I right?! So gaze on towards a selection of blooms, plants both potted and as they are (because y'all know for a florist I surprisingly can't keep plants alive for four weeks - you're actually saving their sweet little botanical lives) and yes, Easter has come early - Easter Floral Domes! Stash them away for an easter gift or just treat yourself because we all need a dose of happy right now. 

Oops and yes free delivery of course! These items are only available for delivery throughout the Cambridge/Waikato area - if you're not sure if I can deliver to your area just pop me through a message. If you'd prefer to order something through the gram - message me there also. 

Bit of an essay. It be like that.  

Be kind, stay safe, I'm going to miss all of you!! See you on the other side. 

Claudia + Frankie xx 

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