Forever Florals // Crystal Edition

Forever Florals // Crystal Edition
*Limited Edition*
Once these have sold out I will get onto a another drop. I no longer take on custom orders as this got a little stressy with orders wanting me to replicate previous domes or get certain flowers in - It is so difficult to replicate a natural product & flowers are in and out of season constantly. Doing 'online drops' has meant I still have creative freedom to play with new ideas and you also see what you're paying for instantly, everyone wins! Thank you so much for you interest and support. I will release another drop before christmas! Am I coming across grumpy?! I hope not, just easily stressed honest. Am so happy you like this product! 
While the medium glass domes are being shipped to me I thought some of you lovely people might be after the larger version this one's for you!
(A drop of mediums should be online sometime in the next few months, will keep you posted) So! these lovely large Forever Florals are up for grabs, each containing an intricate landscape of dried florals alongside a crystal sourced from the lovely Grace of 'Thieves and Co'. Each composition is a one of a kind product and can't be replicated, thats what makes them special huh?!
This investment piece will set you back $130, she's definitely worth it, an absolute timeless artwork. For the ultimate care keep them out of direct sunlight and in a dry area.
These can be collected from the truck and couriered NZ wide. 
If collecting from the truck please state a date that you plan to collect when checking out in the comments section. Mini domes are also available in the truck as often as poss. 
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