Floral Domes 2.0

‘Forever Florals’ Glass Dome Drop 2.0

Pricing ranges from $35 to $89. There are a couple of crystals scattered throughout this release which have been sourced from the lovely Thieves and Co.
$15 NZ wide. Please allow a few days until your item is shipped, I will be sending them as soon as poss. Please note, you are choosing to have these items couriered at your own risk. I will absolutely pack them as best as possible, if any damaged has been caused during travels please pop me through a message with photos of the damage and I will do my best to sort this for you. A safer option is to collect from the truck! If you are local to Cambridge you may rather collect from me when I'm parked up along the main street of Cambridge on Tuesday to Friday 9 - 5ish, if so please let me know in the comments section at check out.
Will there be another release?
Not this year - I will be working on the next wreath drop which is arriving December 1st.
Can you add or change any of the products?
Each dome is a one of a kind, I can't replicate these and they are sold as is. Makes them more special huh! 
I think thats it! I hope you like them! Each product has taken at least 2 hours to make, a lot of love & care, but so worth it. Unsold items will be up for grabs in the truck this week.
Care instructions
Domes may ‘Sweat’ in the sun, display in indirect sunlight. 
Thanks for your support! x 
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